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I dont know whether I need to start noticing these signs or even starting one of these signs to get the change of myself started.. Guess the latter is the better asnwer..

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You know your life’s about to change when you’re nostalgic for the post-college haze, jaywalking with a backpack and a wedgie. You miss those first days doing breaststroke through the dirtiest streets in the world, throat dry from particle pollutants.

When a friend you once coached through an existential crisis as she stood there with a bloody nose bccs you on something that starts with, “As some of you know, I’m moving on to HBS, and I couldn’t be more excited!! As the curtain closes on my time in New York, I’d love to…”

When you start saving money, and keeping it.

When everything becomes a metaphor. Walking down a long sidewalk becomes a big juicy Choice that makes you stand there in the middle of the sidewalk with your eyes watering.

When you stop masturbating.

When you start to cook with herbs. When you can tell the difference between…

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