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Is this that life-altering moment after so much efforts and time spent to get over him?

Truest truth! he’s not a keeper.

As hurtful as it is to let the feelings and memories go, I MUST.

Its not worth it. Less than 5% of all the memories really are truly sincere. The rest is fake.

I hate him. Maybe.. Even now, that kind of feeling is still a privilege for him.

I think after this, I will be totally oblivious to anything about him, I feel it in my belly. I even not sure now, whether still I include him in my prayer every after Salat as usual or not? hagz..

Even if I am tearing up as I write this down, its because I pity myself for being such an idiot.

Nooo, I am not regretting what had happened between us. Its just.. it hurts more, when I know that I disappointed myself. That what I’ve been doing is so far from lady-like.

(From this line onwards, I am not crying anymore)

Thank God I talk to his friends. Now its all clear. Truths unfold.

I still have little pity feeling towards him tho, that he must be watched over. That he is a child with all the restless-ness, timid, egoistic spoiled jerk and he doesnt know what kind of wound it will caused to people around him, and eventually karma to himself.

But don’t tell me I never told him. I’ve tried. And now its not my business anymore. Well, maybe it was never been my business from the very beginning and never meant to be.

Gosh I feel like unfriend him on Facebook and unfollow him on Twitter now. Hahaha… I will! (#brb unfollow him on Twitter)

Done! and I am smiling while doing it.. 🙂

I dont think Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You” will comply here. He never open his heart to be loved. He hasnt meet that woman yet. I WILL NOT love him again after this. Its just that. It was deep… really deep.. if not, it would not be this hurt.

I fell in love with a total jerk. And I feel that love. And eventhough for the shortest time period possible, I was loved. I also know now how to love someone because of someone. It was a great lesson and I thank you and Allah for that. I was happy.. Never been happier with someone else. It was the happiest moment of my 22 years of life. Even if its only the idiotic happiness, but I WAS happy.

Maybe I will fell that disgust feeling towards meself if I remember what we’ve been through.. But its just a phase. 

Now I must dressed up and prepare myself to meet my Mr. President 🙂

So long, farewell.. and.. Good bye!


The 25 Greatest Quotes About Love

Thought Catalog

Love is real, real is love. John Lennon
Love is a friendship set to music. Joseph Campbell
The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers. Thich Nhat Hanh
Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within. James Baldwin
Love is now, is always. All that is missing is the coup de grâce — which is called passion. Clarice Lispector
when you love someone / you are scared of getting hurt / and you will get hurt Brandon Scott Gorrell
And now we’re apart and you’re just some stranger who knows all my secrets and all my family members and all my quirks and flaws and it doesn’t make sense. Gaby Dunn
He’s not perfect. You aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But…

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Why Christopher Columbus was the preeminent entrepreneur

How You Know Your Life Is About To Change

I dont know whether I need to start noticing these signs or even starting one of these signs to get the change of myself started.. Guess the latter is the better asnwer..

Thought Catalog

You know your life’s about to change when you’re nostalgic for the post-college haze, jaywalking with a backpack and a wedgie. You miss those first days doing breaststroke through the dirtiest streets in the world, throat dry from particle pollutants.

When a friend you once coached through an existential crisis as she stood there with a bloody nose bccs you on something that starts with, “As some of you know, I’m moving on to HBS, and I couldn’t be more excited!! As the curtain closes on my time in New York, I’d love to…”

When you start saving money, and keeping it.

When everything becomes a metaphor. Walking down a long sidewalk becomes a big juicy Choice that makes you stand there in the middle of the sidewalk with your eyes watering.

When you stop masturbating.

When you start to cook with herbs. When you can tell the difference between…

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