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This time, my weekend start earlier.

On friday morning, the atmosphere of weekend was so strong, I even forget now what I did for the whole friday afternoon. Hagz..

It was a big day for our new villa. Yes, Contenga now has 6 villa!! And last friday was the house-swrming party of villa 6!! in the morning, we got these cute little dino doll with papers on our desks, written on it “Redeem for beers/brewski @ villa 6”. We had a, yeah, pretty fun chitchat on villa  6 after dinner. Not so party though, i guess thats because we pretty much saving energy for the later night. YES! we’re having SKY GARDEN TIIIMMMEE!!!

It was 10 (or 11 O_o) of us. Highlight is Babeh was joining us!! wohooo! despite of his gastritic abnormality that day, he came to Sky (and of course only drink water :-P).

Sky was soo crowded, and as usual, I was having my me-time, dancing on the table at the rooftop bar. Oh wait! I havent told you about the free tequila??! Yes we had FREEFLOW! haha.. I only took 1 glass tho, and I dont even drink it all. not so fond of it.. bleh..

Putu and his friend, Dimas, was coming too.. So I went back and forth to them and PH gang.. Long story short, yes the night was as crazy as usual.. and I went home early. We left Sky before 2 (good girl.. ;-P no its actually because Kira, Andrea, had to wake up early to go the beach)..

The highlight is the conversation we (me, MbInten, andrea, Kira, herbert) had on our way home.. hihihi… All the restless-ness (in Bahasa its Kegalauan ;-p) were up in the air.. From Karl went home early, leaving Andrea JUST LIKE THAT because she was smoking.. Kira’s asshole who rejected her kind invitation to dance.. and that biatch whom we speculate, and me guessing at the very first time I met her in the Sky, was aiming for Babe..Mbak Inten words were “she wants to DO Babe” ahahahaha.. There’s another secret though, but I cant tell you. I gave my word to this person. All and all, I am really happy I finally get closer with my girls..

It was a lazy Saturday, and Al was kind enough to took me to buy Jumpsuit for rara. After searching and searching and haggling (and I am really sucks at it) we finally got the jumpsuit and just get back to PH to watched Running Man and do a little – and I mean really little – brainstorm.

Intro to next day’s highlight: Nisa that night was exceptionally restless..

So I woke up the next day with Nisa’s chat on Line and mention on twitter: she need us. I hurried to Transarbagita and said I’ll meet her around Simpang Siur. And there she was… The story of I think, most of girls will experience..

I cant really tell you the whole story.. In a nutshell,Nisa met that one type of men: Jerk! (the other is Gay, a friendly reminder ;-p) . Tried to make a move on her, and cheating on his Family, yes FAMILY.. gross! IKR?! The whole story remind me of my story myself. With him and one other guy. I completely can put my self on her shoes. She’s literally crushed that day.. But girl, its just one phase you got to go through. you’ll be stronger after this. and its tru! That day, we went to salon and she had a nice hair spa. We also went to Carefour to buy shoes (she pre-order it before) and had a lax dinner on the foodcourt.  Thank God, her mood came back. 😉

I suggested we go to InulVista to have a nice karaoke session with my free voucher (which turned out cant be used on Sunday! biatch, it IS clearly written we can use it on Sunday.. ggrrr…) I asked her to call Angga ;;) and Hizkia.. and Putu and Al of course. So we met at the karaoke and had a crazy karaoke session with opera song and those other song of Destinys Child, Celine Dion, Evanescene, Linkin Park, and yeaahhh the rest.. hahahha.. Shitty, the karaoke session was closed with Its All Coming Back to me Now by Celine D. hhuuuurrrr…. totally my song.

oh, Angga didnt make it by the way huks..  But Hizkia brought this half-guy (he said it himself) Aya – which I called Ayang because I misheard his name when we were introducing each other hagz. We had a late night supper at nasi gandul Giant Libby and had a great, full of laugh chats. Hizkia and Aya were totally fun! Well, yeah I met Hizkia before, but that night we’re just getting closer..  Its always nice to grow your circle. 😉


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