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Bowling and New Villa

Had too much hedon and vacation during weekend apparently can wear you out.

So yeah, I decided to spend my weekend with some me-time (make it me-internet-running man time) in my office. I woke up at 11 am on saturday and went straight to office and had a NICE bath.. haha.. No one to take me out either.. Al was busy with his cousins, Putu with his family, Nisa was working. Om was out too with some girls (he definitely is not an Indoor creature anymore ;-p)

So I spent the whole saturday in my own workspace, laughing hard to idk, 7-8 episode of Running Man. But yes, I felt lonely. Even then, the one I thought of is still You Know Who.. How nice it would be if I can call him, or text him, or chat him out of the blue just so we can talk and I wouldn’t be so lonely that night. Well well well, long story short about my galau-ness, I skyped Deo and we had a pretty fun time :-). He told me stories about his new crush (whom turned out to be a daughter of a mafia-like person hahahaha) and one and other things. So that night, after the call, I went home at 12am or so.

And.. There was one episode of RM in which the casts played bowling in one scene.. So it kinda reminds me of my senior high years where I used to play biliard with my friends, while waiting for the bowling venue to open. So I marked my agenda and promised my self that I will have a bowling session on the next day.. jejejeje~~~~

On Sunday, I told Al about the bowling thingy and as expected, he said Yes!. So we went to Paradiso Bowling in Kuta (Kartika Plaza) with Om and Nisa and we played 2 games. I still craved for some more, but maybe next time, said Al. Because we had to go to Al’s uncle villa in Uluwatu, GWK, so we must hurry before it gets to dark.

The villa was marvelous! Since it was located in high-land of Uluwatu, you get this perfect view of Kuta Beach and Denpasar City. The name if villa again is Tigadis Villa. It shouldnt be hard to find. Go straight in Uluwatu Street (the one you take if you want to go to Karma Kandara) and turn left in a small, white, rocky alley just right after Pepito Markt. Just follow the road, you cant miss it, its on your right. Well, Al and Nisa and some of Nisa’s friends will spend their time there, during the Nyepi ceremony and holiday.

Currently Tigadis only have 5 room I suppose, but they’re expanding. The landmark would be the swimming pool with direct view to the city down below.. Oh I hate my self, even in the nice beautiful spot like that, I still imagining useless things such as You Know Who. 

We left the villa a bit in a hurry, because its 8pm already. We stopped at Pepito, wanted to check the Times Book Store which turned out to be only a magazine corner at the market ~____~. Bought some sandwiches and salad at 50% price to take away, because Al and Nisa were impulsively wanted to watch Rectoverso (ugh, I never liked it since the beginning actually)

So Om drove like crazy to Galleria and we watched Rectoverso. Dee’s story was actually great with all the ironies and the philosophy. I think its just the script and the movie that is soooooo NOOOOT GOOOD. Even the so-called romantic “the Unspeakable Love” titled movie couldn’t make me cry (me with all my galau-ness O_o). I my self really like the endings though.

Well yeah this is my weekend. Had the idea to write all the blabbering down from Nisa actually. I learn to write. Think it’ll help me release some idk, stuff, crumbled in my mind. Also to train my brain in some way. We promise anyway, next time when we hang out together, it should become some productive-hang out, where we will brainstorm about ideas on some project or business potentials. Yes, I still have that dream 🙂





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