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The Revolutionary Startup Heroes

The Revolutionary Startup Heroes

Startup Heroes is our new vision, an advancement of our remarkably successful Startup Spirits – an edutainment game to create and raise awareness of entrepreneurship.

We are currently searching for partner universities to support our further development of our entrepreneurship online simulations according to the five phases of the entrepreneurship journey which would consist in five main game quests (idea, team, prototype, funding and growth). We also built our programming architecture to remain highly flexible to our partner universities’ needs and are therefore able to customize many different things in the game.

Beste, we will provide ALL COVERED ONE WEEK TRIP to exotic Bali, Indonesia randomly picked from all partners who refer us to another strategic partners..

Bright sun warm your body, sea breeze kisses your cheeks, white sands on your feet.. They’re all waiting for you! 🙂

Check our presentation out: 

Our website: http://www.thestartupheroes.com


To Love..

To love means never having to say sorry..

To love means to let him go..

To love means to see the face of God..

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