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Archive for September, 2012

Miss you…

Cloudy morning…

Mystical in its way…

Light rain drizzling…

Voice out my crave of someone’s presence…

Soothes the unspeakable ‘miss u’ feeling…


you know what?!

I keep forgetting your face and voice..
Maybe thats why I feel the urge and the needs to keep seeing you..
I miss your presence, now I know…

Every time we meet.. Its like the first time for me..
Theres a little part of me that will say ‘ah, this is him, his face and his voice’.
not that all of that is matters to me.. Maybe thats the point..
All this time, I never really care about your appearance..
I just love how you treat me well and how you will sit next to me..

How cool is that??! Hhagz…

Because its for you

There is no staying up late that is too unhealthy

There is no stupidity and foolishness that is too weakening

There is no waiting that is so useless

There is no wall of pride that is too strong to break

There is no sacrifice that is not worth it

Because a simple ‘Hi’ from you in that chat board is all that matters

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